Warmly celebrate the success of CNAS on-site evaluation


After months of careful preparation, the GST laboratory received the evaluation of CNAS expert group on August 4, 2017, which has withstood the strict examination and approval of experts. Most of the application items passed the on-site evaluation and entered the final approval process.


This expansion is a great improvement of GST's ability to test laboratory textiles, shoe materials, leather, automotive materials, environmental reliability, food contact materials, coatings and other fields.At the review summary meeting, the experts in the review group fully affirmed and highly evaluated the testing capability, system operation, service quality and environmental facilities of our laboratory, and put forward valuable Suggestions based on the current situation of our company.


Through this expansion, most of the projects in various fields of GST have obtained CNAS certification, and we will provide more, more comprehensive and better technical services for our customers.




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