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GST, as a third-party testing institution with complete qualification, complete experimental capacity and rich practical experience, will do its best to assist enterprises to provide targeted, one-stop testing and certification services for relevant medical and protective materials (such as masks, protective clothing, forehead temperature gun, goggles, etc.).The market requirements and service details of related products are as follows:


Electronic products that measure body temperature, such as forehead temperature gun and ear temperature gun



The market demand


Common testing standards:

GB/T 21417.1-2008 medical infrared thermometers - part 1: ear cavity type

GB 9706.1-2007 medical electrical equipment - part 1: general safety requirements.

It shall also meet the calibration requirements, such as:

Jjg1164-2019 verification regulation for red outer ear thermometer

Jjf1577-2016 red outer ear thermometer type evaluation outline

In addition, it also needs to meet the requirements of the pollution control and management measures for electronic information products.

2 weeks



The market demand


This kind of product belongs to the second category of medical devices. When sold in the United States, it needs to be registered by FDA. Please refer to the FDA registration process for masks for registration materials and procedures.

2 weeks



The market demand


This kind of temperature measuring product belongs to the medical device defined by EU 2017/745, which requires CE certification of medical device, and also belongs to the electronic and electrical product, which needs to meet the requirements of RoHS 2.0 restricted substances and EMC directive.

3 weeks


GST welcomes all customers to consult us on the testing, CE certification and FDA registration of anti-epidemic substances. I believe that your work and my work will contribute to the fight against the epidemic in the world.




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